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21个篇英语高分作文素材 一、写人叙事类 ❖好句积累【开头句】1.Today I am glad to introducea teenager. His name is Cheng Xin.2. Im Li Hua andIm very happy to stand here to talk about myself.3.There is always something unforgettable in my life, especially the story betweenmy friend and me.4. My friend Daniel encourages me a lot in many ways.Now let me tell you something about him.5. IvisitedHong Kong last summer holiday. Its a beautiful city andI had a wonderful timethere.6. Liang Ling, a 15-year-old girl, is a student in Class 1, Grade 9.7.How time flies Three years has passed.I will graduate from junior high school.8.I still remember what happened betweenmy best friend Lin Tao and me.9. This is a photo thatis very special tome.【中间句】1.He is ahelpful boywhooften helps people around him.2.He is very popular inour schoolbecausehe is polite to everyone.3.As for my dream,I want to be a teacher,Ill make friends with my kids.4.Like many otherboys,I enjoy doingsports,but maths and science are my favorite.5.My favorite memory ofmy dadisthat he always wants to keep me from making mistakes but he tries to let me find my own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when I get hurt.6. Though she is busy, she studies hard and gets good grades.7.I imagine thatshe/he is not only young but also beautiful/handsome.8. Although I wasnt willing to do it, I still lent it to him because he was my best friend.9. The next morning, I found a piece of paper. It said, “Never give up, dear.I am proud ofyou”【结尾句】1. I would be verythankfulif you could give me the chance.2.I am sure that I can bea good volunteer at the International Dragon Competition.3.After readingso many books, I get a lot of knowledge and also feel relaxed.4.As a student, I thinkI should always try my best to work for our school.5. This is my best dad. I love him and Im so proud of him.6.I had great fun inmy last summer vacation.7. Although I am not the best now,I will make every effort tobecome atop studentand I believe you will be proud of me.8. She is great. Lets wish her a better future.9. I amlooking forward toseeing her/him10. Because I thought nothing was important than friendship.Whats more, I became very happy after I forgave him.11.How lucky I am tobe his daughter❖范文精选第1篇(我的妈妈)Iam Very Grateful toMy MomNow, Illgraduate frommiddle school. Iam very grateful tomy mom because she has done much for me. I think words cantshow my thanks toher. My mom is an excellent teacher and we are in the same school. Sheworks hardand often goes back home very late. I remembered that once I was very worried about a quite hard problem from my homework. Shehelped me in timethough she was too tired at night, and Iwas so thankful atthat time. So my eyeswere filled withtears.I would never forget it. From my mom, I got not only helpbut alsothe deep love. Thank you, my dear mom.第2篇(我的同学)My Classmate Liang LingLiang Ling, a 15-year-old girl, is a student in Class 1, Grade 9. She comes from a poor family. Since she was a little girl, she hascared forher family.Every day Liang Ling helps with the cooking, cleaning and washing. I asked her whether she was tired of doing so much housework. “Not really.” She smiled. “Ivegot used toit.” Though she is busy, she studies hard andgets good grades.Whats more,she is always ready to help others. Everyone likes her because of her kindness. In our eyes, she alwaysfaces difficulties bravely.No matter how hard the life is, she never gives up.She is great. Lets wish her a better future.第3篇(我的新班主任)My New HeadteacherHow time flies Three years has passed. I will graduate from junior high school. I will enter a new school to study. What will my new headteacher be likeI imagine that she/he isnot onlyyoungbut alsobeautiful/handsome. She/He may be both patient with us and kind to us. She/He is also strict with us. I hope she/he is outgoing. She/He can understand us and make friends with us. If she/he likes doing sports, we can play together after class. She/He can get more knowledge from her/him.I am looking forward to seeing her/him 二、事物介绍类 ❖好句积累【开头句】旅游篇1.Im glad to hear thatyoure planning to travel around China during the summer vacation. Id like to invite you to my hometown Fujian for a visit.2. You asked me about festivals in China.Let me introducesome important ones to you.3.Id like to tell you something aboutthe Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and how I spent it this year.阅读1.Nowadays,reading is becomingmore and more popularamong us.2.Of allthe suggested books,I have decided tochooseSecrets of English Words and Time for Kids.3. The book Id like toshare withyou is The Old Man and the Sea, written by an American writer Ernest Hemingway.4.My dream shopwill be a bookstore. I love reading very much,so I want to have a big bookstore.5. In school we study many subjects,such asChinese, English, maths, geography and so on. But my favorite subject is English.共享单车1.Recently, there are a lot of shared bikes appearing on the street of Meishan. And they become more and more popular with people.2. Today, as a greener means of transportation, bikesharing is becomingmore and more popular inmany cities.【中间句】旅游篇1. If you come, you canenjoy fresh air, blue skyas well asbeautiful mountains and clear rivers.2. Fujian lies in the southeast of China with Fuzhouas its capital city. It has a population of over 38 million.3.Many famous places of interestlike Mount Wuyi and Gulang Island are well worth visiting.节日1. The Dragon Boat Festivalfalls onMay 5th this year. People all across China eat zongzi and dragon boat racesare held inmany places to remember a great ancient person Qu Yuan.2.On that day, we eat yuanxiao, go to watch lantern shows and dragon dances to pray for health and happiness for the whole year.3.To welcome the new year, we do some cleaning, buy new clothes, set off fireworks and visit our relatives.阅读1. I like reading newspapers and magazines,from which I get lots offun and learn about whats going on around the world.2.What I like most about the book is thatthe fisherman never gives up when meeting difficulties.3. There will be a big reading room in it and people can sit in the chair to read their favorite books or magazines.4.KnowingEnglish makes my traveling much easier.I can make many foreign friends, too.【结尾句】1.This tells usthatnothing seems terrible as long as we have a strong will and a brave heart.2.I hope you can come toChina next year and spend the festival with me.3.Besides, reading can help me know more about the outside world and make me enrich my knowledge. Thats why my dream shop is a bookstore.4. I will continue to study hard in my English studies and improve it to a higher stage.❖范文精选第1篇(提高英语成绩)How Do I Improve MyEnglishTo improve our English,the school has given a list of books for us to read this summer. Of all the suggested books, I have decided to choose Secrets of English Words and Time for Kids.The first one is a book which may help me use English words better.By reading this book,I will surely learn more new words. This will make my future study much easier. Time for Kids is a popular magazine specially written for students, in which I will read interesting stories andhave a taste ofteen life abroad. So it must be of great fun to read it.Being part of this activity,I am expectinga big step forward in my English.第2篇(端午节)Chinese Dragon Boat FestivalDear Mike,Glad to hear from you.Id like to tell you something abouttheChinese Dragon Boat Festivaland how I spent it this year.The Dragon Boat Festivalfalls onMay 5th this year. People all across China eat zongzi and dragon boat racesare held inmany places to remember a great ancient person Qu Yuan.We had three days off for this festival this year.During that time,I went for a picnic in the countryside with my good friends, and of course, ate zongzi with my family. I also watched the dragon boat races on TV. I enjoyed the holiday very much.I hope you can come to China next year and spend the festival with me.Best wishes.Yours,Li Hua第3篇(旅游)Come to My Hometown Fujian for a VisitHi, John, Im glad to hear thatyoure planning totravel around China during the summer vacation. Id like to invite you to my hometown Fujian for a visit.Fujian lies in the southeast of China with Fuzhou as its capital city. It hasa population ofover 38 million.Because ofthe nice environment,its known asRefreshing Fujian, which attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad. If you come here, you canenjoyfresh air, blue sky as well as beautiful mountains and clear rivers. Many famous places of interest like Mount Wuyi and Gulang Islandare well worth visiting.Besides,you can taste various kinds of delicious food.Im looking forward to meeting you第4篇(我最喜欢的学科)My Favourite SubjectIn school we study many subjects,such asChinese, English, maths, geography and so on. But my favorite subject is English.I think English is very interesting. Itsused widelyin the world.Whereveryou go, you can use it. I can not only learn many new words and phrases but also get the latest news about western countries. Besides, English is a global language. Knowing English makes my trave much easier. I can make many foreign friends, too.In the future, I willtake notes carefully andfocus oncorrect spelling and grammar. After class, it is a good idea for me to read more articles from English newspapers or magazines. When Ihave some problems withmy English speaking, I will turn to my teachers and friends for help.I will continue to study hard in my English studies and improve it to a higher stage. 三、建议做法类 ❖好句积累【开头句】学习篇1. I am veryglad tohear that you will come back to China and study in my school next term.Here are some suggestions for you.2. Im sorry to know that you are having some problems now.Id like to give you some suggestions.3.In order tohave more chances to practice and improve English, weare involved inmany kinds of group work and pair work activities in English classes.4. A great number of students cant finish their tasks, which leads to bad results and makes them less interested in their study.How can we solve the problem Here are some suggestions.5. So I would like to suggest that everyone should borrow more books and read good books.6.There is no endless time for us to spend.So how can we make good use of time to make our study and life better建设文明城市1. Nowadays we are trying our best to make Xining become a civilized city.As students, we mustknow what we should do and what we shouldnt do.2.As citizens of Green City, we should not only protect our environment but alsofollow the traffic rules.3.As junior students, we have also made some contributions to the civilized Suqian.4. Being a teenager of Lianyungang, what should I do to help build a civilized city5.Here are my ideas abouthow to create aharmonious community.6. Here Id like to tell you something that will make your school life more comfortable and wonderful.7. So how can we help protect our citys environment and make it a greener place to live Here are some small things we all can do and should do.8.With the development of the society,more and more eproducts are used in our daily life, making us live conveniently and comfortably.保持健康1.As we know,keeping in a good mood is good for our health and study. Here are some suggestions for you.2.As teenagers,its very important for us to keep safe. But sometimes accidents may happen around us. So how can we keep safe3. Summer holiday is coming. And swimming safety becomes a big problem. So Id like togive you some advice tokeep off the danger.4. Everybody, men or women, young or old, should have a good habit of doing sports. So should I, and so I do.【中间句】交流1. If your parents get angry,you should tryto communicate with them about it.2.Whats more,you should be polite to everyone, which will make you get on well with others anytime.3.Besides,if someone doesnt want to exchange his or her ideas, maybe he or she may lose the chances to know more new s about learning English.文明城市1. Do rememberno matter wherewe go, be sure not to throw litter everywhere.2.To make it more and more beautiful,I often dont litter everywhere to make the school environment cleaner.3. Firstly, when we are on the way to school from home, we should follow the traffic lights and rules to avoid the traffic accidents.4.In this way, we can be a virtue teenager and help to build our city into a civilized one.5. Of course, we should set up a recycling site or even the recycling website the Internet to make it easier.保持健康1. To keep yourself safe,you mustnt go somewhere dangerous.2.Last but not least,when you are surfing the Internet at home, you should be careful to make friends online to keep yourself safe.3. In the school, I take an active part in P.E. lessons. Sometimes we play football and volleyball. Sometimes we play basketball, table tennis or badminton. Football is my favorite sport.【结尾句】1. I hope my suggestions will be helpful for you.2.Its our duty todo what we can do to make our city more beautiful. I believe if everyone makes an effort, Xining will be one of the most beautiful cities in our country.3.All in all, we will try our best to do what we can do to make ourselves and Suqian city more civilized.4. Everyone shouldmake a contribution tothe building of a harmonious community.5.If you follow the advice thatI have mentioned above, you will be successful.6.Only whenwe spend it properly, can we make our life meaningful and colorful.7.Last but not least,the government can make some rules even laws to make people realize the seriousness of e-waste.❖范文精选第1篇(校园暴力)Campus ViolenceCampus violence 校园暴力 happens from time to time nowadays. Itis harmful forstudents. It hurts not only our bodies but also our minds.As students, we should follow the school rules tobehave wellat school. Its good for us toobey the teachers and parents. Also, we must be strict with ourselves.To be safe,we shouldkeep away fromInternet bar, and go to school and go back home on time.Besides,we should be polite and friendly to others, and dont fight with classmates. If we have any difficulties in life, its best tocommunicate withour teachers and parents.In this way, our school can become safer and safer.第2篇(建设文明城市)What Should I Do For the StriveAs we know,Anshun city is becoming more and more beautiful.Actually, Anshun isbidding forthe title of “Nationally Civilized City”, which is a must for our city to become green and famous in China.As a middle school student, I amterribly happyfor that, because I will do what I can do to help the strive. What should we do thenFirstly,we can not litter anywhere and we should keep the streets clean.Secondly,we should follow traffic rules at all ti


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